Send OTP – Best Practices For Two-Factor Authentication

In the leading age of digitization, online transactions are turning effective and secure with the trending technologies. OTP is the new functionality of the secured transaction that works on the leading edge of the peer to peer network.
Most online transactions require the two-step process to what we call One-Time-Password (OTP). There are the steps followed by the smooth processing of the secured authentication with the prevention of frauds.

Purpose of OTP The purpose of an OTP is to prevent the insecurity by confirming that the person making the transaction and the credit card owner is the same. To do so, a shortcode is seamlessly sent by SMS to the desired mobile number associated with either a software or bank account. Once the OTP SMS is received, the user types it in the transaction interface, and the user can take the purposeful decision of the transaction. Nowadays, services of the online transactions are marked by the effectiveness of the computer-aided software that controls the…

How to Integrate BULK SMS INDIA SMS APIs in Busy Accounting Software

We understand that it must be a tedious task when you have to integrate SMS APIs all by yourself. We don’t want you to be worried about integrating APIs anymore. This post here is the step-by-step guide of how you can integrate our SMS APIs with ‘Busy’ software. All you have to do is follow these steps:
Create an account with BULK SMS INDIA and loginClick on ‘API’  in the bottom-left corner of the panel and ‘Generate’ the APIKEY then copy this APIKEY

Open ‘Busy’Now, click on configure or press ‘F’

A new window ‘Configuration Type’ will open upSelect the ‘SMS Configuration’ option and click

 A window for configuration of SMS will open Click on ‘Add New Format’. Give the desired name and click ‘Save’

Now paste the sample API that you have copied from BULKSMSIND.IN Example:<mobile_numbers>&apikey=1d406d67-b63d-4c49-ac4f-d696e8d35195793d9
Parameter mobiles=…

TRAI’s SMS Regulations Rules

Understanding TRAI regulations for sending business SMS in India. A lot of questions are floating around SMS regulations in India with a lot of vaguish answers. It’s time these questions get addressed and we take it on us. An independent authority of the telecommunications sector in India, TRAI is a regulation of broadcasting and cable TV services, also a recommendatory body for licensing in telecom and broadcasting. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India also regulates bulk SMS and keeps updating senders from time to time on the rules for: Transactional SMSPromotional SMSDND ScrubbingSending TimeTermination ChargesSender NamePenalty and moreIf you’re sending any of these texts to your customers, you need to read ahead…
In India, there are 2 types of outbound SMS that a business can send –  TRANSACTIONAL SMS – For important updates and alerts.With Transactional SMS one can send informative, generic, critical data or information.All SMS content needs to be transactional and should not co…

SMS in Education – Communication best practices for Educational Institutes

Bulk SMS keep us connected and informed instantly.

In this interconnected world, Technology continues to advance with rapid changes everywhere, it doesn’t matter you are in India, UK or USA or any other country. Each and every sector gets affected with Technology transformation whether it’s government, educational or public.
If we talk about Educational institutes, Communication is paramount there and it matters most to update students and their parents on timely basis regarding every update for institute premises. Technology helps to streamline routine activities, enhances communication between students, teachers and parents to generate large efficiency with assistance of Bulk SMS service. To update those regarding sessions, attendance reports, notices, events, fee notification, seminars and schedules, SMS service proves a reliable source. Institutes can provide timely and continuous information with Bulk SMS. If we utilize this service effectively, processes can make more productive a…

what happened at BULK SMS INDIA in 2018

Are you guys still working on revolutionalizing the SMS industry?
The year 2018 saw 5 billion people around the world have the ability to send and receive messages via SMS. We play only a minuscule role in it.

Life @BULK SMS INDIA has been fairly good this year. There were a few ups and downs (part of life), but most of it has been a smooth ride.
Getting back to the question…always!
It was and still is our belief, that SMS is the backbone of communication whose reliability cannot be replaced. And it is this belief that has made us one of the leading enterprise communication solution providers of the country.
We are the backbone of multiple startups, SMEs and big brands alike. We help to forge a connection between a business and their customer. Wow, that makes us sound so important 😉 Jokes apart, what marked our 2018 journey are not us being the backbone, but our customers being our high point. We wanted to make BULK SMS INDIA better for them and with the love we have been showered upon, lo…


Bulk SMS is becoming the powerful marketing tool in the current trend. The election campaigns hit market strongly than any other strategies can prove to be. Although there are many different marketing campaigns available such as media, newspaper, and others, SMS is proving to be the best option. SMS marketing helps grabbing the attention of customers in just seconds the moment they open their inbox. Moreover, it reaches the targeted audience directly without any interference. Therefore, undeniably, SMS marketing campaign is effective, which also demands powerful text to make the efforts successful. The SMS sent directly to the voter’s mobiles will attract the receivers to pay full attention and dedication towards it. It will further make them read the text completely and also understand the message, which the sender wants to convey. This thus becomes the best way for the audiences, who are especially aware of your presence. The encouraged participation of millions of people in the ele…


SMS marketing refers to the use of a mobile device to promote a certain product or service. According to statics, more than 90% of the population have cell phones. Using the cell phones for advertising is highly useful. Those who have cell phones, almost 95% have the ability to perform SMS advertising communications.Bulk SMS has increased the potential of SMS via enforcing the potential to transmit more than one SMS’s effortlessly. Groups adopt this method to sell their merchandise to existing or potential clients through cellular phones.
There are motives why one should care approximately bulk SMS advertising and marketing because it offers many advantages:
Less costly and Smooth :Bulk SMS advertising is less costly and smooth. It is the most reliable method of marketing. It is the cost effective within the sense that it is the low-cost shape of advertising. It is the simplest way to keep in touch with one or heap of humans. Multiplied and Double income: As per research survey and find…