SMS Benefits – Part 1: The SMS Card to an Effective Marketing Strategy

Making your brand noticeable and keeping your customer engaged can be quite daunting. In this day and age when consumers are bombarded with the sheer amount of marketing noise, capturing consumers attention can become increasingly difficult. While social media campaigns, websites, billboards, and newsletters are all fairly efficient means of building customer engagement, they are unlikely to have the desired effects unless your brand can find a way to stand out from the marketing campaigns of your competitors. All it takes is an effective marketing strategy.

Finding the right channel to market your brand is as crucial as the quality of the product or service you plan to offer your consumers. Despite the advancement in technology, when it comes to building customer engagement, SMS marketing still is one of the most efficient and underutilized medium used.

As a business, you are often looking for the most efficient and cost-effective means of marketing your product. Another factor that sh…

BULK SMS INDIA : SMS Service Provider in Surat [Gujarat]

BULK SMS INDIA : SMS Service Provider in Surat [Gujarat]

Surat, the diamond city of India is one of the biggest business hubs in India. While being the launchpad for numerous successful startups, it has also been the house of many big corporate bus. Whether the business is a startup or a corporate company, communication plays a very vital role in the growth of any business.

Bulk SMS is an effective medium of communication which has been helping businesses to reach out to a widespread audience. This is done by sending their clients regular updates, offers, enhancing their accounts/transactions security with 2FA (OTP). As a result, businesses are getting higher lead conversions and a better rapport with the customers.
Transaction SMS is now days most useful way for communication. With Transactional SMS, we will send instant alert to our customers or registered members. Transaction SMS is used to quickly send important information, reminders, alerts or updated. We can use Transaction SMS …

How to Choose Best SMS Service Communication Partner

SMS Messaging was used for the first time in the year 1992. Being one of the oldest forms of communication, SMS is still very much in demand. Even after two and a half decades, text messaging is still the most reliable form of communication. If people want to know their latest bank transaction, keep a track of online product delivery from e-commerce websites, latest update on travel booking, get notified about promotional and ongoing offers etc. SMS is still the best way of marketing.
Every small, medium or large enterprises nowadays know the power of SMS Marketing, so choosing the Best SMS Service Provider is the first and the most important step towards running successful SMS Campaigns. Most of the SMS Marketing companies will promise the best services. But do they actually deliver what they promise? Is price the only factor while choosing?Choosing an SMS Service provider goes beyond a simple price comparison. To run successful SMS Marketing campaigns, it’s dependent on various factor…

What are the SMS delivery status codes for messages that are sent to India? [updated 2019]

Why are SMS messages to India undelivered? Problem/Symptoms Why are my SMS messages to India undelivered?Why can't I send SMS in India?Error code 1 UnknownNo delivery in IndiaVery low delivery in IndiaUndelivered in IndiaHow do I get delivery in India?How can I register with the NDNC? Cause The most probable cause for this is that your recepients are registered with India's NDNC (National Do Not Call) list.
India is a very complex market as far as regulations are concerned and if you do not comply with them your SMS will not be delivered. Very few numbers in India are not registered with the NDNC register, so you may still see some small levels of delivery, but most of your SMS will be undelivered.
You can register your Sender ID to bypass this filter. The requirements for this are: You are sending transactional messages which are either user-generated or expected A 6 - Alphanumeric sender ID and SMS template for registration Minimum 25k SMS per month Resolution
1. Chec…