Bulk SMS Latest Updated TRAI Rules: Comply with New Regulation for Sending BULKSMS in India

To send BulkSMS in IndiaDLT - Distributed Ledger Technology, is a new TRAI SMS Regulation and according to that it would be mandatory for any entity that intends to send a communication through messaging and voice gateway have to register on the DLT platforms. The reason to initiate in DLT that everything is going to digital and in this digitalization to keep, manage and maintain the record of sender IDs and template is very difficult. Simultaneously, It’s very crucial to secure the data, TRAI has got a solution to secure the data as an advanced extension of the Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology. It’s the most visible changes in the process to send SMS. According to this regulation, Only registered entities will be allowed from operators to send SMS.We know that you have many queries for DLT, How to register for DLT, Why DLT registration is crucial, If you will not register for DLT can you share SMS in that case, Is entity registration is enough. You can go through with this …

Frequently Asked Questions about Corona virus Disease (COVID-19)

COVID-19 BasicsQ: What is COVID-19?A: COVID-19 is a virus strain, first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, that has only spread in people since December 2019. Health experts are closely monitoring the situation because little is known about this new virus and it has the potential to cause severe illness and pneumonia in some people. Q: How does COVID-19 spread and what are the symptoms?A: COVID-19 is primarily spread through respiratory droplets. That means to become infected, you generally must be within six feet of someone who is contagious and come into contact with these droplets. It may be possible to get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching your mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, Symptoms of COVID-19 appear within two to 14 days after exposure and include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Q: How long does it take for symptoms of the COVID-19 to appear?A: The CDC believes that symptoms of COVID-19 may appear in as few a…

Why businesses should use Bulk SMS India GOURL

Lengthy URLs are a thing of the past, With the introduction of URL shorteners like, tinyurl, businesses no longer wanted to use lengthy URLs while sending text messages and reaching customers on their phones.
When businesses choose to promote their products, offers, services on social media or via mobile marketing, having lengthy url links is a deal breaker. It is not only unwieldy but takes up too many characters when business choose SMS Marketing or Social Media Marketing which pose character restraints.
Length URLs also are not very good for getting analytics and do not help much in tracking the success of marketing campaigns. But using shortened URLs can change the way businesses reach out to customers. It can provide detailed analytics and let businesses know the success rate of marketing campaigns, understand their target audience at much deeper level, re-target audience while launching of newer products etc.
Read this blog to get the answers for Ws- What and Why do these…

SMS Benefits – Part 1: The SMS Card to an Effective Marketing Strategy

Making your brand noticeable and keeping your customer engaged can be quite daunting. In this day and age when consumers are bombarded with the sheer amount of marketing noise, capturing consumers attention can become increasingly difficult. While social media campaigns, websites, billboards, and newsletters are all fairly efficient means of building customer engagement, they are unlikely to have the desired effects unless your brand can find a way to stand out from the marketing campaigns of your competitors. All it takes is an effective marketing strategy.

Finding the right channel to market your brand is as crucial as the quality of the product or service you plan to offer your consumers. Despite the advancement in technology, when it comes to building customer engagement, SMS marketing still is one of the most efficient and underutilized medium used.

As a business, you are often looking for the most efficient and cost-effective means of marketing your product. Another factor that sh…

BULK SMS INDIA : SMS Service Provider in Surat [Gujarat]

BULK SMS INDIA : SMS Service Provider in Surat [Gujarat]

Surat, the diamond city of India is one of the biggest business hubs in India. While being the launchpad for numerous successful startups, it has also been the house of many big corporate bus. Whether the business is a startup or a corporate company, communication plays a very vital role in the growth of any business.

Bulk SMS is an effective medium of communication which has been helping businesses to reach out to a widespread audience. This is done by sending their clients regular updates, offers, enhancing their accounts/transactions security with 2FA (OTP). As a result, businesses are getting higher lead conversions and a better rapport with the customers.
Transaction SMS is now days most useful way for communication. With Transactional SMS, we will send instant alert to our customers or registered members. Transaction SMS is used to quickly send important information, reminders, alerts or updated. We can use Transaction SMS …