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How to Build Brand Trust among customers with Bulk SMS Marketing?

In a world where your competition can be found in only a couple of moments, ingraining brand loyalty in customers is a more noteworthy test than any time in recent memory. One awful social media blunder and you could end up losing customers quickly.
One approach to proactively connect with customers is through SMS informing. The individual idea of Bulk SMS messages, joined with high read rates, gives you the chance to create relationships with every client. Also, it's that individual relationship that can have the effect in whether your customers remain with you, or hop to the company with the lowest costs.
We all need to feel imperative, regarded, and valued by people around us. Furthermore, there's where we see a company as "minding" about us. It's more often than not because of stunning advertising, yet in addition originates from incredible client benefit. With SMS informing, you can merge the two.
By sending customized Bulk SMS in view of data you …

BULK SMS INDIA Mobile Messaging for Startups

Businesses who use BULK SMS INDIA to send alerts, offers, links, files, forms, coupons, surveys and more.

In today's mobile world, SMS goes beyond a simple marketing text or a transaction alert. Timely and contextual texts with embedded calls to action can help online businesses enrich a whole host of customer touch points from product discovery to purchase, tracking and feedback. BULK SMS INDIA provides you with the right tools to leverage this new reality. From order alerts, tracking updates and renewal reminders to advanced marketing campaigns and custom feedback forms, BULK SMS INDIA makes your customer interactions instant, easy and personalised.

BULK SMS INDIA is India’s leading SMS-based marketing and customer engagement product. We offer best-in-class features, comprehensive APIs, superior user experience, fanatic customer support and highest quality delivery rates. As you scale up, you can also access our enterprise-ready features such as multi-user roles, locked templates,…

Create Your Business Brand As Your SMS Sender ID

Beep Beep Beep…
Your mobile phone vibrates and you see that you have received an SMS in your inbox saying
MD-SMSIND: Your account no. xxxx179 has been credited with 10,000 credits.

Ever wondered what role does ‘MD-SMSIND’ play here? Of course it is the chosen Sender ID but what exactly it does and represent?

Sender ID is used to identify who the sender of the SMS is. It basically represents your brand/company name distinguishing it from a million others. So yes, this sender ID plays a massive role defining your brand to your customers.

In simple words, Sender ID is the name or number which appears on the mobile phone as the sender of an SMS. In India, Sender ID is restricted to 6 alphabetic characters for Transactional and an operator-fixed 6 numeric characters for Promotional SMS.

In other countries, it can be numeric like your mobile phone number or alphanumeric such as the number/name of your company.
Although, this feature is only available in supported countries!
Among these supported co…