Create Your Business Brand As Your SMS Sender ID

Beep Beep Beep…

Your mobile phone vibrates and you see that you have received an SMS in your inbox saying

MD-SMSIND: Your account no. xxxx179 has been credited with 10,000 credits.

Ever wondered what role does ‘MD-SMSIND’ play here? Of course it is the chosen Sender ID but what exactly it does and represent?

Sender ID is used to identify who the sender of the SMS is. It basically represents your brand/company name distinguishing it from a million others. So yes, this sender ID plays a massive role defining your brand to your customers.

In simple words, Sender ID is the name or number which appears on the mobile phone as the sender of an SMS. In India, Sender ID is restricted to 6 alphabetic characters for Transactional and an operator-fixed 6 numeric characters for Promotional SMS.

In other countries, it can be numeric like your mobile phone number or alphanumeric such as the number/name of your company.

Although, this feature is only available in supported countries!

Among these supported countries, some only support sending transactional messages and require sender ID pre-registration, meaning that you can only use the alpha sender you pre-register.

The Source Addresses must abide by the following criteria:
  • For India, Sender ID with 6 alpha characters are accepted for transactional messages
  • International SMS can have alphanumeric sender-ID (maximum 14 characters)
  • Must not contain blank spaces
  • Must not contain accented characters
  • Must not contain punctuated/special characters, such as * $ < , > ? ! % [ ] | \
  • Must not contain Greek characters
  • Must not just be a name of an individual
  • Source Addresses are case sensitive

BULK SMS INDIA, we usually transmit our own Brand Name or Gateway Number as the Sender Identification for each of the messages that the users send. Users can change this to have their own Brand/Company Name without any approval and additional cost.

‘SMSIND’ represents your brand, but what does the prefix ‘AM’ represent

The prefixes AM, VM, BW etc. are displayed because SMS are sent in huge numbers via bulk SMS.

SMS providers follow rules framed by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and according to TRAI rules,
  • The first character displays the Telecom Operator name
  • The second character displays the circle of the Telecom Operator

So here ‘A’ represents ‘Airtel’ and ‘M’ represents Mumbai.

Dynamic Alpha – You can set any Sender ID you like up to 6 characters as long as it only uses letters

Dynamic Numeric – You can set any Sender ID you like up to 15 digits as long as it only uses numbers

Random Numeric – A random number to comply with local regulations (usually taken from a pool of numbers we have access to from the relevant destination market)

Fixed Sender ID – This is where the local markets require to set a fixed Sender ID, sometimes numeric, sometimes alpha, in order that messages are permitted to be delivered.

Different countries & operators have different standard.


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