What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is the process/method/act/strategy of marketing your product (or anything else) via an SMS. www.bulksmsind.in
It’s the latest version of “E-mail marketing” (technically). Just a lot more effective and with a much, much better ROI, especially now that E-mail marketing is nearly dead.
The globe shifted from “E-mails” almost half a decade back. Infact a research indicates the open-rates of E-mails is just 19.08%, and that too in the “beauty” industry, now just imagine what would be the rate for a “startup” mail saying “Hey we’ve launched a new product which does miracles?” I’d say pretty dooming.BULK SMS INDIA
And hence SMS Marketing broke out of its eggshell. Now there are a number of reasons why it’s booming:-
  • Who doesn’t carry a cell phone on themselves these days almost all the time?
  • People don’t instantly check their E-mails as soon as they arrive, but an SMS? They do.
  • It saves a lot of time. You can send 140 characters in your sleep, but writing a 500-word E-mail? Not so much.LOGIN BULK SMS INDIA
  • It conveys only what’s important. In an E-mail, there are lots of pleasantries and stuff which people don’t like spending their time on. While an SMS is mostly to the point and doesn’t eat up a lot of either of your times.
  • SMS conversion rates were found to be a whooping 8.22%, while that of E-mail marketing is only 1.73%. (Source:- GetTimely.)
    So you’re getting a pretty neat idea of what SMS marketing is and why it’s the better option for your next marketing campaign isn’t it? Now that we’re on the topic, let’s dig a bit deeper into details.www.bulksmsind.in

How Can You Promote your Business through SMS Marketing?  BULK SMS INDIA


Coupons are something not a lot of people resist. And maybe not a 100%, still you’re bound to get quite a bit of conversions for a text saying “Here’s your 50% discount coupon on our platform especially for you!”

Flash Offers

One art to conversion is “urgency”. A Flash text does just that. It basically is a text which shares a coupon, a sale link or something, but that “something” has a deadline and expires in the next couple hours or days.
Sending something like: -“We’ve a 40% off discount sale on orders above $200 going on for the next 60 minutes” is sure to get you some attention.


SMS(s) are short, but you can use that to your advantage. If there’s a new product launch coming, a sale day on its way, or anything in general that needs some reminding, you can send reminders to your potential customers.

Ask for Feedbacks

SMS texts are short, and don’t demand a lot of “crafting-time.” So asking your customers for feedback, or maybe just a “yes/no” answer is a surefire way to get some communication going and strengthen the relationship.

Bulk Messages

This is probably the primary reason why you’re considering SMS marketing as your next marketing aid. And no one’s saying it’s wrong. There’s no better way to get spread the word around and grab some eyeballs.
As mentioned earlier, the open rate is a lot better than E-mails, and the same holds true for conversion rates as well!

Grab Additional Details

What if you can leverage your SMS campaigns into something more than just texts? You can ask your customers for their date of births, favorite food (if you’re a food-chain or something similar), favorite cheese and what not.
A great example is: – Hey Mr. X! Tell us your favorite butter, and we would keep it handy and ready the next time you book a table with us!


SMS marketing is the future of digital campaigns. They’re the one thing which almost everyone has access to after E-mails, and the “only” thing people pay more attention to than E-mails as well.
Sending and managing them is easy, you don’t need a graphic designing team either, a single man can handle a big enough size of SMS campaign out of his systems right away!
And the ways to promote your business through SMS marketing discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg; the real potential lies in your creativity and ways which you can come up with to make them want to convert!bulk sms india


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