what happened at BULK SMS INDIA in 2018

Are you guys still working on revolutionalizing the SMS industry?

The year 2018 saw 5 billion people around the world have the ability to send and receive messages via SMS. We play only a minuscule role in it.

Life @BULK SMS INDIA has been fairly good this year. There were a few ups and downs (part of life), but most of it has been a smooth ride.
Getting back to the question…always!

It was and still is our belief, that SMS is the backbone of communication whose reliability cannot be replaced. And it is this belief that has made us one of the leading enterprise communication solution providers of the country.

We are the backbone of multiple startups, SMEs and big brands alike. We help to forge a connection between a business and their customer. Wow, that makes us sound so important 😉
Jokes apart, what marked our 2018 journey are not us being the backbone, but our customers being our high point. We wanted to make BULK SMS INDIA better for them and with the love we have been showered upon, looks like we did it…

1.  BULK SMS INDIA has a new look – A refreshing new interface for our customers

We completely revamped our website – it now meets our vision and also, shouts trust – proven by the amazing inbound flow of big brands.

The website has changed, but we are still the same old young bunch of people trying to revolutionalize the red ocean industry of bulk SMS.

2.  Technology update – Migrating from PHP 5.5 to 7.x

It’s been 4+ months since we’ve shifted to PHP 7.0 and we are more robust, interactive and quick (query time reduced from 0.10 to 0.02 seconds, even we were amazed by the results).

We realized upgrading the website and technology wasn’t the only need of the hour; team management, multiple accounts, enhanced login security; if we were to give our customers the best experience all of it needed to be addressed.

3.  We have a soft corner for startups, after all, we are one too.

And this update is for startups. Are you a startup?
Since 2018 was a year of upgrades, we upgraded our Startup Plan too. Yippee!

We have a Startup Plan for you where you stand a chance to get 5k FREE CREDITS EVERY MONTH… As we love to celebrate our journey with Startups we offer more.
You are the future brand and to get you on the flight we don’t mind giving a small push by offering a complementary communication API package which includes 5k SMS, email & voice credits per months for the use of OTP and transactions for 1 months. Awesome, isn’t it!
Don’t get into the counting now, first get to the plan.

We did more than just updates, we pushed our customers to #golocal

4.  #golocal with Regional SMS

We are communication experts (our 5,000+ brands believe so & yes we do like to brag sometimes), but seriously, communication is only effective when it touches thee, and it will make the most impact when things are said in the language that the person understands best.
Unicode allows you to send an SMS in 19 regional languages including Hindi.
If you still haven’t, try sending SMS in native languages to see the impact it has on native people.

But, not all was hunky dory in 2018 at  BULK SMS INDIA…

2018 saw us getting bigger and better, but it was also in 2018 that we faced worst times in tech downtimes.

The team behind BULK SMS INDIA – People come and people go

Every employee who has ever worked with BULK SMS INDIA is a part of the family. Some stay in touch, some don’t but one thing we’re sure of, they have helped BULK SMS INDIA grow and BULKSMSINDIA has helped them evolve and it is at this point we part ways with all.

Hope 2019 helps us all evolve. Wishing you a great year ahead!


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