SMS in Education – Communication best practices for Educational Institutes

Bulk SMS keep us connected and informed instantly.

Bulk SMS India - It doesn’t matter you are in India, UK or USA or any other country. Each and every sector gets affected with Technology transformation whether it’s government, educational or public.

If we talk about Educational institutes, Communication is paramount there and it matters most to update students and their parents on timely basis regarding every update for institute premises. Technology helps to streamline routine activities, enhances communication between students, teachers and parents to generate large efficiency with assistance of Bulk SMS service.
To update those regarding sessions, attendance reports, notices, events, fee notification, seminars and schedules, SMS service proves a reliable source. Institutes can provide timely and continuous information with Bulk SMS. If we utilize this service effectively, processes can make more productive and educational industry can reach to new heights.

One of the best parts with SMS solutions, you not only keep abreast regarding notifications, but a parent can also use two-way SMS service with message tagging unique feature. They can initiate a conversation by sending messages, and then the application responds according to commands. This is the optimal way to initiate with Educational bodies and inquire for any query through Short Code SMS Services. It convenient for Parents as well as students if they get all information through just sending an SMS regarding their query of course fees, schedule, results, and other information.

Reach everyone & update for Current Happenings: With Mobile Text Alerts, messages won’t get buried in a crowded inbox. It directly reaches everyone from educational institute data and notifies those regarding current events like annual functions.

·      Update parents for high-impact emergency notifications:  Emergency notifications are very crucial and it’s very vital to reach students and parents promptly. You can instantly send a declaration of sudden holiday due to weather conditions, change in a timetable, change in bus timings/route or cancellation of an upcoming event, a return of books can easily be sent through SMS.

·       Attendance and Punctuality Report to Parents: With zero setup time educational institutes directly reach every parent to share attendance and punctuality report.

·      Due Fees, Fines and other Alerts:  With easy bulk SMS service institutes can reduce the time and hassle to send alerts for fees and fine dues.

·     PTM Notifications: While conducting effective parent-teacher conferences it ensures that the message sent will be clear and concise and reach on time to all parents so that they can attend PTM.

·      Alerting Teachers of their Schedules: Bulk SMS enable teachers to update regarding institute premises from time to time. For better management, it’s necessary that teachers update related to their Schedules or Pay related information.

·      Notify Parents to check their Email: As emails are the second priority for many parents, so if educational bodies send them a mail regarding any exam sheet or syllabus, and they will not check, it can create a big problem. So, it’s necessary to send parents a short message to check mail regarding syllabus or exam sheet.

·        Improve Internal Communication:  With the help of two-way text messaging, schools can keep staff members up to date with relevant news at all times.

·        Benefit from Two-Way Texting for Enhanced Communication: Using offline or online school SMS messages can improve relations, speed up emergency postings or safety updates, and deliver information on graduation.

·       Reduce Crucial Funds: Before Bulk SMS service huge sums of money was wasted on photocopying, phone bills, written notifications and paper. By implementing text messaging solutions, schools can reduce expenses and man-hours.
The education system in India is one of the largest in the world with over 1.5 million schools and approx. 37000 higher educational institutes, where more than 230 million students are taking education. Education is an uncompromising discipline. Proper and timely update of information to all the stakeholders is the key to health management and the ultimate growth.
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