Send OTP – Best Practices For Two-Factor Authentication

In the leading age of digitization, online transactions are turning effective and secure with the trending technologies. OTP is the new functionality of the secured transaction that works on the leading edge of the peer to peer network.

Most online transactions require the two-step process to what we call One-Time-Password (OTP). There are the steps followed by the smooth processing of the secured authentication with the prevention of frauds.

Purpose of OTP    
The purpose of an OTP is to prevent the insecurity by confirming that the person making the transaction and the credit card owner is the same. To do so, a shortcode is seamlessly sent by SMS to the desired mobile number associated with either a software or bank account. Once the OTP SMS is received, the user types it in the transaction interface, and the user can take the purposeful decision of the transaction.
Nowadays, services of the online transactions are marked by the effectiveness of the computer-aided software that controls the smooth flow of the information. In the hunt for the right business alignments, many things are changing with security and safety. Internet and mobile phone users these days are always in a rush and using a secure password to access their network. Sometimes the situation is not in each one hand, so proper care and control need to be taken. Implementing a robust two-factor authentication system is becoming a legitimate needs. For accounts where security is the on the top list, 2FA dramatically reduces the chance of the account being compromised.
You might be wondering, what is 2FA? Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is the approach to authentication using two or more of the three authentication factors. A system's authentication is healthy when it requires at least two of the three authentication factors before users are granted access to the system.

What the function does OTP play in proper authentication?

A secure password stored safely can go a long way in keeping your accounts safe, but not many of us create strong passwords, let alone store them securely. Also, every time we login we are asked to insert the correct password. Whatever precautions you take, you can fall victim to attacks sometimes. So proper care and expert help can be a good choice turning worth for you. For accounts where security is the utmost concern, 2FA greatly reduces the chance of the account being compromised.
A strong password stored safely turns to an active function in account security.  That's the reason every time the software asks for your password, and the best part is that it uses different characters and word lines.

Steps in OTP Process:

To know about the complex process of going in the depth of the online transactions, understanding the flow of the digital asset by the suitable software can be an eye opener for the new concepts. The login password comprises of the four to six digit codes. The code is a random series of numeric and alphanumeric characters. These OTP’s are usually valid for a certain number of minutes.
The information flow works like this:
·       The user enters the username and password
·       Then the user request sent to the backend
·       Aftermath username and password matched
·       In the process, the user also receives OPT via SMS
·       Finally the user enters OPT and login to the site

Wrapping Up

You can manage OTP from an easy to use an authentication process based on the cloud platform. You can be assured that you can continually enhance software to ensure you have the most secure solution for your business.


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