12 Reasons To Choose BULK SMS Provider in INDIA As Your Messaging Partner

Why Is SMS Marketing Important?

Phone calls can go unanswered, emails can sit unread for days, but Text Messages are open and read almost immediately when received. SMS Marketing is not only allows businesses to reach directly to your customers but it’s also a powerful medium for sending important timely updates with higher security and utmost efficiency with best in-class delivery.

SMS Marketing Industry Leading Platform Works Best in Following Terms –

  • Branding - Personalize Your Brand Communication
  • Get in Touch with Customers through Instant Updates
  • Automate Communication with Easy Setup
  • Track & Optimize with User-Friendly Panel
  • Get Best Engagement Rates with Real-Time Reports
  • Enable Two-way Communication
  • Whitelabel Reseller Program

Why SMS Marketing Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Communication Strategy?

Customers want to be communicated in a way that’s handy, a way that is non-disruptive yet easily accessible and SMS Marketing fits the bill.

It’s quick and convenient for businesses, you can send out SMS in bulk all at once at the click of a button. Also, you can then track who opened your messages, clicked your links, acted on the messages and even see who has unsubscribed from their messages. Instant OTP, High Route Service to Option Promotional and Transactional SMS, Notifications, Easy Schedule SMS Service with professional marketing experts and technology consultants. Team offers best suited services for your business needs.

Today’s time is all about staying connected with the audience and no business can survive without effective communication. SMS Marketing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to communicate and connect that’s prevalent across all industries.

Just Connect with Bulk SMS Service Provider in India.

Reason #1: World-class Admin Panel – Send millions of SMS in one go

Our SMS Solutions Company have been helping our esteemed clients to send SMS, get report and giving 100% delivery of world-class service with user friendly panel. Mostly businesses are influenced by difficulties in identifying the customer needs or services that are relevant to a client or customer. So, our panel has designed to help users with all the major challenges which they face.


Reason #2: Support –  BULK SMS INDIA team comprises of superheroes

Our professional and supportive team firstly analyzes your project; then we’ll propose the most cost-effective and technologically advanced solution to you for promotion. Our highly specialized technological pillars ensure the end product fits your exact business needs so that you will grab existing and potential customers to get business solution.


Reason #3: Enable SMS notification in your application with a single click

Our website has a feature of SMS notification, through this we get notify when you sign-up at our website and our professional team will contact you. They share you best suitable assistance to enhance your branding.  

Reason #4: Regional SMS – Communicate with your customers’ in their native language – Unicode

It’s a way to compose and share SMS to your target audience in their native language. SMS campaign complete when customer get relate with your message and react with that. Regional SMS matters the most while sharing Information. 


Reason #5: SMS Campaign – Know how your customer is interacting with your SMS

Bulk SMS smartly reach the customer and create deepen customer relationship. Through a campaign you can share endless messages to client. It saves time of customers from picking up the phone, having to sit through a menu of endless voice prompts.

Reason #6: SendOTP – Dedicated infrastructure for delivering OTPs

While sharing OTP it’s very vital to be delivered on time so that client will not missed that. It’s used to authenticate and verify users can use it before a transaction or a session. We send OTP with cost effective way with operational efficiency and never delay so that our clients can get best services from us. 

Reason #7: Startup Policy – Celebrating our journey with Startups

Startup Company is a newly formed business with particular momentum behind it. So we give upto 20% discount to startup companies to promote them. The intention of our offer to startup is to grow rapidly as a result of offering something that addresses a particular market gap.

Reason #8: Developer Friendly – Secure, robust and effortlessly easy to integrate APIs

You get an option of Secure, robust and effortlessly easy APIs integration to send and track messages instantly. You can save your every contact with your custom fields in different groups using BulkSMSIndia phonebook API and then take the benefit of sending messages to all of your customers from our UI or export for any use.

Reason #9: BEST Communication Services – The next-gen text messaging protocol

If you put your customers at the center of what you do, then you have to enhance Communication with them. For that you must have to use a strong medium to interact them directly. So, with professional supporting team we offer delivery basis SMSServices to provide best services.

Reason #10: Omnichannel – From SMS service provider to cloud communication platform

We have designed our software with Omnichannel which is multichannel approach; it’s a new way of marketing. Our API is always available, continuously upgraded, and auto-scales to meet your needs. This data is yours to use via a powerful web API that helps you optimize the quality and cost of your communications.

Reason #11: Open Template – Not Need Any Approval

Our Company provides open template option and you do not need any approval from us in order to Blast open template. But some other companies restrict to share SMS to customers without approval, each and every time sender has to take validation from service provider.  

Reason #12: Option to Upload File of Contacts

We have option min our panel to share messages in bulk through CSV File. You just have to create a file and then have to upload CSV in our panel to share SMS to audience in easy manner. 

Option For Resellers -

We cater supreme services to our BulkSMS Resellers for long term relationship. Zero cost setup for resellers, we allow you to sell Bulk SMS on your own website or other online platforms under your brand name or identity. One of the most paramount Bulk SMS resellers of India with supreme & user friendly messaging control panel. Needs no technical knowledge for set up of white label messaging panel. Quiet simple and easy to use interface allows the SMS resellers to sell more SMS packages and proactively access to customer support. 

Important to Approach Marketing Campaigns Strategically Relevant Target Audience?

  • Have a Clearly Defined Goal
  • Well-Researched Target Group
  • Communicate the way your customers want
  • Personalized Content
SMS Marketing is only going to grow further as Mobile communication becomes more mainstream and further its growth and appeal. The key thing for advertisers is to note that users engage with their Phone comparative to other advertising mediums.

Whether you are a marketer, product manager or a developer you will find SMS critical to your marketing strategy. It’s remarkably effective and you can generate a better response from your next text campaign through SMS Marketing.

With the 12 reasons I just gave you, you now know why BULK SMS INDIA is critical to your business communication strategy. Bulk SMS India is powerful bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably, and instantly with On-Time Delivery.

“Customer Service is the Experience We Deliver to Our Customer. It’s the Promise We Keep to The Customer. It’s How We Follow Through for The Customer. It’s How We Make Them Feel When They Do Business With Us.


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