BulkSMS Service Provider in YamunaNagar – A Fastest Growing Bulk SMS Company of Haryana

Are you running a School, Hospital, Business or you are from a Hotel industry and looking for Bulk SMS service provider in India? Then This Blog is For You!!

It doesn’t matter from which industry you are, if you require marketing, BulkSMS India can help you in each and every sector.

When a Company looking for an SMS getaway provider, the first question comes in mind regarding a reliable Company from our own City or State. 

If you are one of them, thinking the same, BULKSMIND.in Company can be an authorized partner and develops its own network in a very short span of time to All Over India.

So, be a part of A Bulk SMS Company which has so many services together whether you are looking for Bulk SMS – Promotional or Transactional, Email Marketing, Whatsapp Marketing, Voice Call, Miss Call Alert, Web Design & Development and many more.

One of the best things regarding the Company – Pricing, Professional Team, All services under one umbrella, you just need to connect once and everything will be managed by the proficient team.  Company marketing campaigns are informed, shaped and optimized by target audience data analysis. BulkSMSInd.in is a leader in providing marketing solutions.

Bulk SMS service provider in India Company, BULKSMS INDIA, a HARYANA-based start-up that has been offering bulk SMS services for a while, is seeing growth at a fast pace of late. With SMS marketing being one of the best and quickest ways to reach people at a low-cost with a high level of response and has tapped the potential by offering a bouquet of services targeted at corporates, SMEs and professionals. With more and more businesses realizing the need to keep in touch with their customers, BULK SMS INDIA has started offering the most promising business tools for them.

Founded in 2015, BulkSMSIndia has become the most trusted partner in SMS Marketing and other marketing techniques for our clients with Enterprise friendly panel, best-in-class delivery, Easy setup with real-time reports, Whitelabel reselling and API integration. Our Company shared goal is your success and we partner with you for Marketing techniques, so you can focus on your business goals. Whether you are looking for high route SMS getaway, developer-friendly panel or best SMPP services, you will get every service with BulkSMSIndia. 

Our team is performance-driven and believe in supporting our clients in every step of the way and full transparency to them. 

Our team consists of more than 30 professionals having SMSMarketing, Digital Marketing, Web Development experts who are excited, passionate – and most importantly – very competent in their field. Most of our staff is located at our YamunaNagar branch office and we do not outsource any services to third party contractors. Our management team has years of experience in their field. 

BULKSMSINDIA broadly offers businesses two types of SMS services - transactional and promotional.

To understand Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS, consider an e-commerce site selling inventory; this business can make use of transactional SMS to instantly notify the customer about the purchase information made by them, such as the order confirmation and shipment updates. If the same e-commerce site has to send out the word about the offers, deals, and new products, it will have to make use of promotional SMS.

BULK SMS INDIA customers are using its service to send out information, such as instant incentives like prizes, raffle numbers or VIP passes; or instant updates like price changes, sales messages or venue and entertainment updates.

To make the whole Bulk SMS Services in YamunaNagar work seamlessly and has been selling its state-of-the-art SMS gateway or Bulk SMS API to its customers in need. SMS API from our Company effectively communicates with its customer's software program to send SMS to mobile numbers in bulk.

Some of the advantages of using services are a unique algorithm for faster message delivery, futuristic API to integrate with customer's software, live delivery reports and, fault-tolerant systems, among many others including flexible and economical packages. By understanding the specific messaging requirements of the customers, the powerful BULK SMS INDIA algorithms can send 10,000 to 2,00,0000 SMS at a single shot.

Not only does BULK SMS INDIA sell SMS credits to its direct customers, but it has also partnered with several SMS resellers to redistribute the credits to a larger customer base.

Till date, Leading BULK SMS INDIA has been serving 27,000 customers and over 3,000 resellers all over India. To meet the rising demand, BULK SMS INDIA is opening 10 new offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Pune, Indore, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad.


BULK SMS INDIA empowers its customers to communicate between varied IT back-end systems and mobile phones using SMS Services. BULK SMS INDIA provides a unique, end-to-end, global carrier-grade mobile data service. Its mobile data service offering includes "plug and play" application licensing and hosting.

Employing a partnership with mobile operators and a clear focus on SMS mobile messaging, Company mobile messaging platform is capable of delivering SMS services to virtually any CDMA/GSM mobile handset.

BULK SMS INDIA combines signaling information from the mobile world with innovative applications running concurrently on its own IT applications platform and thereby pave the way for mission-critical international messaging services.

We deliver premium web and SMS based software solutions, OTP route for a wide range of business throughout India and globally. We work with a wide range of clients from corporate to startups in our endeavor to provide them cost-effective and profitable solutions.

We utilize the latest technologies to cater to the needs of the client ranging from simple to complex and highly advanced solutions. We strive to provide the utmost levels of customer satisfaction to our clients.

BulkSMSInd.in high levels of commitment to client needs, high degree of competence and strict adherence to quality norms has made it possible to build up an impressive list of clients in a short period of time.


  1. We provide complete Bulk SMS Service Solutions for your service. Establish your SMS Alert or Online Alerting System that automates SMS causation and improves consumer service price. Send Out Bulk SMS Delhi to advertise your Product and interact with your clients, staff, and potential buyers. Utilize this Bulk SMS service to grow your organization.

  2. Bulk SMS is one of the best marketing strategies that never goes out of trend. It is the best way to communicate with a productive audience and let them know about your products, services, business, offers, or anything else you want. All you have to do is to opt for a good Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi and target the right audience for your campaigns. This way, you can always have the highest ROI rates within concise time frames.


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