How to BULK SMS Solve HR Communications Challenges

Using Mobile SMS for HR can increase employee communication, recruiting, and company attendance; making it easier for HR personnel to complete tedious tasks.

We will explore how SMS could be the key to solving your HR communications woes, and cover a few areas including:

  • What makes texting so powerful for HR communications
  • The goals and objectives of texting could help you achieve
  • Examples from the real world of how HR departments have used SMS

Check out this guide to see how you can put together an effective messaging strategy that will grab attention, get more responses, and actually get your messages read.

The Radisson Hotel was able to use BULK SMS during the FUNCTIONS to immediately notify all employees of the event, keeping them and their guests safe as the crisis progressed.

Just Connect with Bulk SMS Service Provider in India.

“We were able to quickly get in touch with staff to get a time restriction exemption, allowing us to message everyone during the event and through the night. It’s very comforting and brings great peace of mind to know that we can reach our entire team during events like this.” 

– Aanchal, Associate Director of Human Resources


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