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Start-ups are fast growing and require flexibility in terms of scaling to meet their target audience. Bulk SMS serves as a platform that allows firms to reach their customers with all the relevant information, in a second. Moreover, SMS marketing is cost-effective regardless of the number of messages sent. This makes SMS marketing highly attractive, especially for start-ups, as they might not have big marketing and advertising budgets. As a new company in the market, you can get a better understanding of your consumers through the analytics available as a result of SMS marketing. These services allow you to send personalised messages to customers. This help build ever-lasting relationships and consistently informs them about your products/services to ensure continued brand loyalty.

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How to choose an SMS gateway that accelerates your growth as a start-up?

Cost of Service

One of the most important aspects for choosing an SMS provider for start-ups is the cost. With the numerous costs that start-ups incur, they need a service provider that provides them the highest return on investments. Getting information about operational costs, bulk prices and price per SMS will help compare different providers and get to the one that is most economical.

Delivery and Bounce Rates

The initial years of a business are most crucial in building a customer base. Thus, choosing a provider that ensures fast and guaranteed delivery is important. You can use statistics from previous years to assess providers bounce rates and average time of delivery to get an idea of what to expect from their future services.


The application programming interfaces (APIs) are set of tools that allow two different systems to interact with one another. When looking for a bulk SMS service provider, you must seek one that has a full set of functional and well-documented APIs. The company should also have the ability to integrate these APIs into existing systems and platforms. This will allow you to choose a provider than can be easily integrated into your system instead of switching to a new CRM system for it.


Even if you’re starting out with a few hundred messages, you must have to choose an SMS provider that is scalable. Its services must be able to keep up with the growth of your company. In such a way you have not have to think twice about your capacity of managers customers when your operations are allowing you to expand into new market segments.

Customer service

When you start using SMS providers for a business that is a startup and has relatively newer operations and customers, you are likely to have a lot of cliches. These need to be fixed immediately so that it does not hinder your business operations. Selecting a provider that focuses on customer care and offers instant support and advice on your SMS campaigns will be highly beneficial for your firm.
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