Election Campaign Promotion: Maharashtra, Haryana ELECTION 2019 [UPDATED] with BulkSMS India

Maharashtra, Haryana may go to polls in October 2019! Every political party has just one aim : 

And without a doubt winning depends on PROMOTIONS. The right promotion helps you to reach the masses and increase your winning chances in the election.

We would like to be part of your success. So here we have created a complete guide which includes all the services that you need for promotions and the top ways to use them in order to bloom in Maharashtra, Haryana Election 2019!

Here is Your Election Campaign Promotion Guide
Let’s Start!!

Bulk SMS Strategy for Election Campaign Promotion:

Bulk SMS is one of the most effective methods to reach out to your target audience in seconds! Almost everyone carries a mobile phone with them all the time.

Sending SMS is the easiest way to reach them as the message would directly land in the inbox section and hence there is a great chance that they would read it.

Voice Message Services for Your Election Campaign:

Voice broadcasting is quite a wonderful way to convey your message to the target audience.

You can record an audio message and further, your target audience would then receive these pre-recorded voices messages via phone calls.

Missed Call Alert Services for Election Campaigns /Surveys/DataCollection:

Missed Call Alert Service is a unique way to encourage the audience to share their views. You just need to have multiple missed call alert numbers, each with the intention to know different types of review of the audience and it’s done!

They would simply give a missed call on the respective numbers as you have mentioned.

BULK Email Strategy for Election Campaign Promotion:

Email marketing is a great way to digitally share your posters and banners during elections. You can directly send such infographics to a large number of people at once.

The audience will also get a provision to revert back and share their views which can further give you a rough idea that how interactive your series.

We are Bulk SMS Service Provider in India, BULKSMSIND.in dealing in Promotional and Transactional SMS Service. We assist you in easy manner how to use BulkSMS for promotion at Coaching Center.


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