Why to Use OTP SMS Service Gateway For Mobile Verification?

Why to Use OTP SMS Service Gateway For Mobile Verification?

Bulk SMS service for OTP SMS

Nowadays there is the increase in a number of companies who use Bulk SMS service for OTP SMS verification. There are some fake users on the internet. SMS verification decreases the chances of theft and fraud. To decrease the theft chances, a phone number is verified. The phone number is verified for various different purposes such as authenticating transactions, account creation, and different ongoing user activities. For verification of user id, verifying the mobile number is the best way.

Use of OTP in different business fields

It is used in different business fields for the safety of users by authenticating user id. If you have a website then, you can make use of OTP verification for several times. You can use Bulk SMS service for OTP SMS for new user registration, change a password and forget a password, reset a password, adding funds, download an important document, withdrawal funds, used for banking purpose and much more. It is valid for only one login session. Users receive it on the mobile phone for one time.

Use of OTP

These days, OTP service is widely used. There are some situations when we have to make use of this service. Like, if someone has forgotten his password and would like to reset this, then OTP service is used to validate account credentials of a user and then owner send OTP via SMS. In this process, a user receives a few digit passwords on his phone and enters this in order to validate on the particular site. Thus, we can say that Bulk SMS service for OTP SMS is helpful in securing both the user’s transactions and user’s account.

How to use One Time Password (OTP)?

If you are a common user then you have no idea how to use OTP but in case you have an in-house developer then he can help you to integrate this service into your IVR system or website. There are also many software companies that provide services to integrate this service; you can hire anyone in order to get this service.

OTP has offered the most secured platform for authenticating the users, by using SMS service for any business. Anyone can make use of this business you can also implement and try this feature. Most of the companies offer instant sending SMS gateway in order to send OTP SMS on the phones of users. Therefore, users have no need to wait for the longer time period, to receive their authentication code to get verified.

Use of OTP in different fields

Most of the businesses such as banks using this service, they also offer certain choices to either OTP or password while you transact money using the internet. In case anyone uses public computers (like in cafes or computer centers) then most of them may have different types of viruses and malware. You can find many malware are intended to keep the record of transaction details of users. So if you will use your debit card password such type of places, then there will be the chances that malware can get your password. This will not be good for you, so you should be careful while going to use public things. OTP help you to transact your money safely and prevent viruses form getting any type of information related to you.
If you are looking for One-Time Password SMS Script, we can also develop it for your website along with SMS services for sending one-time password (OTP) or you just want SMS services to deliver the OTP instantly.

Use of OTP by different companies

OTP is valid for only one transaction for a specific time period for ensuring the safe transaction. Use of OTP message for verification by companies is one of the cheapest and convenient ways for verification. Delivering OTP message on user mobile phone is secure as well as simple. There is no need to carry any extra device for viewing OTP. These days’ mobile phones are used by almost everyone. So, it is very easy to reach people for OTP verification through SMS as it is accessible on all type of handsets.
It is important to secure your confidential information and transactions and Bulk SMS service for OTP SMS verification is the best way used by different companies and authorities. When a particular website wants to authenticate a user then, they create a random code or token and send it to the user mobile phone for verification.

Valid registration and upgrades

When new user registers for any application, verification of user through phone number will be helpful in a validating registration of users. For example, a new user who downloads the particular app and register will receive a SMS with a specific PIN code which he has to enter on that website for verification. Once that code is verified then the user is free to access service of that application.
There are different applications which offer the freemium model, it means that the basic version of that application is free but its upgraded version is only available by paying an amount for it. Offering SMS code for verifying OTP is helpful in reducing curb fraudulent downloads and mistaken downloads.

Password reset option
When a user logs in to a particular application, with an unknown device and dissimilar IP and request for a password reset option then OTP message is generated. For example, Gmail makes a use of this authentication process for the safety of their users from fraud and theft.

Authenticate transaction

Confirmation of transaction by receiving message also reduces the chances of fraud and theft. It is widely used to avoid theft and fraud for accessing different services online while such as banking, withdrawing funds, adding funds, changing passwords, resetting a password and much more.


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